The True Meaning Of Isaiah 9:6

In the Hebrew Old Testament, Isaiah 9:6 does not say the Messiah is God, the Jews believed in one God, therefore they would NEVER believe the Messiah was God, in fact Yeshua himself said that the Father is the only true God (John 17:3)

The English bible has changed the truth, anyone that takes the time to compare the Hebrew Old Testament to the English Old Testament & the Greek New Testament to the English New Testament will see that words have been changed.

The truth is, the English bible has changed the true meaning of Isaiah 9:6

It has been claimed that the Jews had expected that the Messiah would be God Almighty himself, based on Isaiah 9:6. This is actually an assertion rather than reality. The Jewish Publication Society Bible (JPS) translation renders Isaiah 9:6 as:

“For a child is born unto us, a son is given unto us; and the government is upon his shoulder; and his name is called Pele-joez-el-gibbor-Abi-ad-sar-shalom; [Footnote: That is, Wonderful in counsel is God the Mighty, the everlasting Father, the Ruler of peace.]” The Hebrew is expressed in this translation as a singular “name”. I doubt that any ancient Hebrew reading this would imagine, assume, and read into this verse that the one being spoken of was being called God Almighty.

John 17:3 proves the truth that the English translation of Isaiah 9:6 is wrong

John 17:3 Now this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God and Yeshua the Messiah whom you have sent

Isaiah 9:6 English translation For to us a child is born, to us a child is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Hebrews 1:8 s a popular verse that many people use to say Christ is God, Hebrews 1:8  isn’t saying Christ is God, here’s a link to my post entitled “Heb 1:8″ that will explain more.


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