The month of October has been very challenging, I thought that I would have the money to pay rent on October 1st, but God didn’t make that happen, so my landlord gave me 30 days to move, after I received the 30 day notice, I did everything that I could to try to get some money, I asked people for help, I looked for another job, I even had an interview, but I didn’t get the job, when things aren’t supposed to happen they won’t happen, that’s for sure.

It’s never fun not knowing what’s happening, I now have 4 days to move and I don’t have anywhere to go, I don’t have any money for a place, I sold my car months ago, and I sold the guitar that is in my profile picture a few years ago, so I’m completely relying on God for everything, a few days ago I didn’t have the money to rent a U-haul, or money to rent a storage place and now I have that money, so at least I know I will be able to move my things.

Since Dec 2013 God has been making me wait, and during that time God has kept me isolated, the last 10 months have been very painful and the only reason why I am still alive is because God is persuading me to keep going. There have been many times where I have felt absolutely hopeless, but God protected me from the flesh that wanted to destroy and made me keep living, I have felt the emotional and physical pain that leads a person to commit suicide, there have been times where I wanted to die because the pain was overbearing, but God has kept me alive for His purpose.

Today I reserved the U-haul for my move on Friday, October 31st, and I am looking forward to moving even though I don’t know where I am going to live, God is making me walk off the cliff, I have 4 days, and I have no idea what the outcome will be, of course I am hoping and praying that God will provide a place for me, but only God knows what will happen. I understand that God determines my steps (Prov 16:9), so if something is supposed to happen, God will make me do it, and that understanding gives me peace, of course I still get scared and worry about what might happen, but God, by the Holy Spirit that lives in me keeps me calm on the outside even when everything on the inside of me wants to make me go crazy.

I really need help, I need atleast $2000 to make it the next 2 months, I am hoping my landlord will let me stay in the living room, if that happens, I will have to pay $600 a month for rent, and the rest of the money will go towards my phone bill ($76 per month), food and my storage bill ($175 per month), and hopefully by that time I will be able to find another job.

If you can help me, please email me at – mark_spacer@yahoo.com, or call / text me anytime at 619-813-3230 I’m in San Diego, California

or you can donate here http://www.gofundme.com/fgdqhg

Thank you for being willing to help


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