A Life Of Faith

In December 2013 God made me quit my job delivering the newspaper, I used my car to deliver the newspaper, and the weight of the newspaper destroyed my car’s transmission so I was forced to quit.

My plan was to fix my car, and find another job, but as things always go, what I plan does not always mean that that is the way things are going to happen.

Prov 16:9 The mind of man plans his way, but God determines his steps.

Before God had me quit my job, God had me pass out my tip cards for the Holiday season to all the people that I delivered the paper to, it was on the day that God had me pass out the cards, that my car stopped working , my car died while I was on my route, it was 3am on a Saturday, and my car had just died.

I had no idea what I was going to do, then God had me call one of the carriers that was working in the area, and God had him come & help me, it was through that help that I was able to pass out all my tip cards, through those tip cards, God gave me over $3000.

I wanted to fix my car, but that would cost $1200, and since I wasn’t making any money, it wasn’t a good idea to spend $1200 to fix the car, so instead God made me wait for Him to show me what to do next, the money that God gave me lasted until June of 2014.

From Dec 2013 to March 2014 I tried having my car fixed, but everything that I planned didn’t work out, finally because I didn’t have the rent for the month of June, God forced me to sell the car, since the car didn’t run, I could only sell it for $400, that money was all that I needed to give to my landlord, in order for my landlord to let me stay, my rent is $600, but my landlord understood & let me pay her the remaining $200 when I got it.

well, I did everything I could to get the $200, but nothing that I did worked out, so God made me wait for Him to bring me the money,

When July 1st arrived God still had not given me any money, so God made ask my landlord if she would give me more time, God had me ask my landlord if I could pay her on the 10th, my landlord said that she would be willing to do that, only if I knew I could give her the money, well, because I couldn’t lie, I said, “I am not sure if I will have the money by then, can you give me until the weekend”, and she agreed, so God gave me 5 days for Him to do something.

I felt absolutely hopeless nothing that I tried to do, worked out, but God persuaded me to keep going and then on July 3rd, God had me email someone to ask for help, and it was through that email that God gave me not only the $200 that I owed my landlord, but also the $600 I needed for rent for July and for August, it was through that money that God gave me that allowed me to stay in the room that I am renting so that God could have me make this WordPress blog.

For over a year I have been teaching the truth that is the Bible, on Facebook, but I had never made a blog, I had no idea that God would make this my full-time job, but on August 13, 2014 God made me make a blog here on WordPress, and then God started having me teach the truth here, then after I made this blog on WordPress, God had me make a blog on Blogger.com, and God had me start teaching the truth there, and then God made me make a profile on Google+, and had me start teaching the truth there.

It’s been long difficult journey from Dec 2013 to now, God has been making me wait since Dec 2013 for whatever it is that He wants me to do next, and in that time of waiting God has kept me isolated, it’s only by “faith”, God’s divine persuasion that I am still alive.

Over the past 10 months, God has put me through great physical and emotional pain, that pain is brutal, it is the pain of feeling absolutely hopeless, but because I am born of the Spirit (born from above), God protects me from the flesh that wants to destroy me and I am able to stay alive.

This life that I live I would never by freewill choose to live, I would much rather have a good paying job so that I could know for sure that I will have money to pay my bills, but that’s not God’s plan for me right now, instead God is having me teach the truth on the internet and then He brings me what I need,  this is my full-time job.

I have 1 day until I have to pay my rent, I need $600 (for rent) & $80 for my phone bill for October, if I don’t give my landlord the rent by tomorrow (Sunday), she will give me 30 days to move, and I don’t have anywhere to go, if you can help me, any amount will help, please leave me a comment, or email me at mark_spacer@yahoo.com, or call me at 619-813-3230 I’m in San Diego, California


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